Bhutan MAK Adventure Travels welcomes you for an ever cherishing tour of Bhutan with our services and tour packages. Be it a holiday tour, sightseeing tour, cultural tour or leisure tour in Bhutan, you have landed in the exact place where your dream would be made into a reality by us. Dream for your desire to travel to Bhutan, and we will make it into a reality with our attractive activities and tour packages to this small but exotic Himalayan Kingdom.
While traveling to Bhutan the clear mountain air, forested ridges, imposing monasteries and welcoming Bhutanese people in their striking national dress, provides a breath-taking impression. You will witness a wide versatility of people, culture and nature. Be it a tour in the exotic natural scenery with rare plants, animals and birds, trekking and expedition in the terrains of the Himalayan ranges, enjoying the traditional old festivals or viewing the age old historic monument, name your travel interest and you will experience it in Bhutan with us. It is also our pleasure to mention that when the world is vying to conceive reform and implement eco-friendly tourism, Bhutan has established its own unique identity where the society, culture, economy, governance and the environment are truly maintaining a most harmonious relationship. A mountainous country like Bhutan that consciously preserves its pristine natural and cultural heritage needs tourism that harmonizes and sustains the environment and acts synergistically to protect, preserve and conserve both nature and culture. We would bet you that you will have the most amazing travel experience in such a country.